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Journey with Injectables

Kirpan Dhillon is a super talented artist & actor who tackles South Asian culture with a comedic flair. She has been interested in injectable treatments for anti-aging but did not want to lose the expression on her face because it’s her livelihood. Kirpan is sharing her journey with us as she consults with Dr. Sanghe to determine the best path forward to look & feel her best. Here is Kirpan’s story.


I recently turned the big 3-0 and have been thinking about anti-aging injectable treatments for some time. But as an artist, expression is my life! I was interested in treatment but wanted to look and feel like my natural self. To be honest, I was hesitant in getting Botox & filler treatments in the past for three key reasons: fear of the outcome, my anxiety around needles and considerations about the high costs.

I had heard that Dr. Sanghe is one of the best in the business from a few of his long-time clients. So I decided to book a consultation to find out for myself. I found him to be very knowledgeable as he explains how he places the least amount of Botox and filler in exactly the right places on your face for the best outcome. He listened to all my concerns and answered the questions that I had. To be honest, I was pretty nervous about moving forward with treatment, but Dr. Sanghe totally put me at ease. I decided to get a combination of both Botox and filler treatments. I was so happy with the results and received so many compliments saying that I was glowing up more than ever!

I decided to come back to Wave because I’ve been thinking about lip filler for a while. Now that I have found a practitioner who I can trust with my most important asset – my face, I’m all in!  Here were five things that were top of mind for me in terms of the lip filler treatment:

WILL IT HURT? Dr. Sanghe put me at ease and said that Juvederm fillers contain lidocaine, which offers localized pain relief. This means that your treatment will be pain free so you can feel comfortable before, during, and after your treatment!

WILL IT LOOK FAKE OR BUMPY? He let me know that Juvederm lip fillers offer the most natural results. Dr. Sanghe said that unlike other fillers that are made from granular gel, Juvederm has a smooth consistency and never bumpy! This creates an even result that looks and feels the most natural. 

WILL IT TAKE A LOT OF TIME? Dr. Sanghe assured me that it’s a pretty quick and convenient procedure. Typically, one lip filler treatment would take about 15 minutes. And the best part is the downtime is minimal which means I could go right back to work!

CAN I SEE IMMEDIATE RESULTS? More good news. Dr. Sanghe said the results are visible almost instantly. With other dermal fillers, it can take some time for you to see the actual results. However, lip fillers show instant improvements in the treated areas. Many patients only require one treatment to achieve the results they desire. I’m naturally impatient so I was super excited about the real-time results and loved the outcome!

Thinking about Lip Injections? 

Do you want to get the beautiful pout of your dreams too? Book your private consultation with Dr. Sanghe at Wave to discuss your aesthetic goals and determine the best treatment path for you. Take my word, he’s the best in the business! Now, off to record my next TikTok with my new look! Until next time.

Follow Kirpan on: Instagram: @kirplization and TikTok: @kirpandhillon 

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