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When Life Inspires Art Story Feature
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When Life Inspires Art

Zoe, Age 45

Ageing is inevitable. Have you noticed that as you age, the loss of facial volume makes your face look like it has wilted away? Your facial features that were formerly prominent may droop, and skin that was formerly smooth and tight has become loose and saggy. Other parts of your face (like the lower half) seem to expand with fat. Imagine if you could drink from the fountain of youth and prevent this from happening to your face. This magical fountain doesn’t exist but the next best thing does, and Zoe found it.

When searching the Internet for medical aesthetic clinics, over a decade ago, Zoe came across Wave Skin Care, and today, she is still a patient of Dr. Sanghe’s. Zoe, 45, a sculptor by trade, owns a company that creates props for theme parks, water parks, and occasionally for the movie industry. When not working, Zoe and her kids take every opportunity they can to go skiing or camping – one of the best reasons to be living in beautiful British Columbia.

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The Guardian of Youth

The sunshine causes Zoe to squint and when she is very focused on something, she furrows her brows. These actions caused some deep creases in her forehead and pronounced frown lines, causing her to look angry.

After her first treatment with Dr. Sanghe, she was so happy and impressed with the results, she has continued to visit him and the team at Wave Skin Care ever since.

Over the years, Zoe has come to rely on Wave Skin Care to help her with some of the new issues she’s been experiencing as she gets older, like unwanted fat accumulation in places. As a digital sculptor, Zoe mentioned that she’d look in the mirror and wanted to carve off the frumpiness she was seeing on her face and body like she would with her artwork in the studio.

“Did someone say double chin? Why do these things have to happen to us?” Zoe laughed.

Little did Zoe know, the team at Wave Skin Care could, and did, help her address this in a non-surgical and permanent way.

Embracing Happy Wrinkles

Working with Dr. Sanghe has helped her feel better about herself, regain her self esteem, and boosted her confidence. Her choice to work with Dr. Sanghe was because she didn’t want to change her appearance, only to enhance what she already has. She’s not trying to look like a 20 year old, but she is trying to look her best as she ages.

Starting this journey in her early 30s has enabled Zoe and Dr. Sanghe to create a treatment plan focused on the prevention of the typical visible signs of ageing, and to help Zoe maintain her beautiful natural-looking features. She knows that this is something that requires maintenance and ongoing attention because if not, volume loss will continue, and unwanted lines will return.

The Doctor Is an Artist

Zoe’s passion for art and sculpting has connected her to the natural-looking results she’s received at Wave Skin Care on a deeper level. To Zoe, Dr. Sanghe is an artist!

Spending a significant amount of time on the phone speaking with clients, when Zoe eventually meets them in person, she often gets complimented on the fact that she appears to never age. In fact, up until the last few years, she was still being asked to present identification at bars and restaurants whenever she ordered a drink.

Zoe suggests that you should pick a doctor who has a deep understanding of facial anatomy. Your doctor is an artist and needs to understand the rules of anatomy and those rules need to be followed. As someone who understands art and sculpting, Zoe has a strong knowledge and understanding of the balance between facial features in aesthetics.

Dr. Sanghe has extensive training and experience. His technical knowledge enables him to approach each patient as would an artist. Being confident in his skill enables him to customize the natural-looking results of the treatment to each unique patient’s features. This has been something Zoe loves and when she comes to Wave Skin Care, it is like two artists collaborating to enhance her beauty.

As an artist, Zoe knew that her face’s shape was able to be enhanced and knew she needed help to make her vision come to life. Working with the Wave Skin Care team for over a decade has helped her embrace aging on her terms. “If medical aesthetic treatments are something that you want to do, and it makes you feel good about yourself, do it. Keep yourself looking like yourself. Keep your expectations realistic. Embrace your natural beauty. Don’t try and change yourself because you are already beautiful,” Zoe shared.

A Complete List of Zoe’s Treatments Include: