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Second Chance at Happiness Story Feature
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A Second Chance at Life and Happiness

Bobbie, Age 35

If you were given a second chance at life, how would you live yours differently? Bobbie Grewal survived a deadly car crash a few years ago. Her lengthy recovery wasn’t just for her body but also for her mind. While her body healed, depression set in and she ended up bed-ridden for years. Her busy career and mom-responsibilities came to a complete standstill. This shook her world so she began to work on herself and focused on what made her feel good. Part of this process was making the decision to go to Wave Skin Care and this was an essential part of her recovery. This decision was an important step in pulling her out of her debilitating depression.

Medical Aesthetics Patient Story

Making the Decision

By day, Bobbie is a Business Manager at a car dealership. By morning, day and night, she is the mother of active 11-year-old and 13-year-old boys. She is often spending time with her children at their extracurricular soccer and hockey games, hiking with them, in the kitchen preparing meals or going to yoga or the gym.

Bobbie had defined lines in her forehead ever since she was younger, which was something that made her self conscious. She was always hesitant to get any procedures done and had the fear that if she did, it would make her look “fake.”

Her perception changed when she came across Wave Skin Care.

Two years ago, Bobbie saw Dr. Sanghe to learn what he could do about reducing the lines on her forehead. She learned about the results that were achievable and understood what to expect throughout the process.

When learning how patient the team at Wave Skin Care was, observing the natural-looking results from previous clients and by speaking to Dr. Sanghe one on one, she felt like that trust was gained and she was ready to proceed.

She began her treatment plan with Dr. Sanghe by having the lines on her forehead and the dark circles under her eyes addressed.

A Confidence Boost

Since beginning to work with Wave Skin Care, Bobbie has learned a lot about the ageing process and the importance of taking care of your skin, on both the inside and the outside. For someone who, once upon a time, would use baby wipes on her face, she now understands the importance and benefits of using medical-grade skin care products on her face. Nurturing her skin daily has helped to enhance the results of the procedures she has undergone at Wave Skin Care.

Following A Plan

“By going to see Dr. Sanghe, I know I will always walk out looking like a youthful and refreshed version of myself,” shared Bobbie.

A favourable part of the process for Bobbie is the detailed maintenance plan. She loves that she can sit in front of the doctor and ask what procedures he recommends to achieve her desired results. Dr. Sanghe will give her a small plan along with a detailed explanation on why that plan was chosen, based on the results they discuss.

Advice for First-Timers

Bobbie recommends that you should always start the procedure process off by having a consultation. Express what you are concerned with and start there. Trust the plan that is put in place and follow it, step by step. You should always work with a doctor that you trust and in order to find that doctor, do your research. Don’t start treatments until you are ready and confident to do so.

Her Youthful Appearance

She loves how fresh her face looks and often her customers will comment that she looks too young to be a mom. In fact, when she is with her sons in public and they call her “mom,” strangers will comment that they thought Bobbie was their sister.

She applies very minimal makeup and attributes her youthful appearance to how she treats her skin. Along with non-surgical medical aesthetic treatments from Wave Skin Care, she uses various medical grade skin care products to help maintain her skin’s health.

Since Bobbie began her treatment at Wave Skin Care, she’s regained her confidence and loves the version of herself that she sees in the mirror. She believes that if you have self-confidence you can do anything in life. Because of this, she lives a fulfilled life and has a satisfying career. Her confidence has helped her overcome her depression, be a better mother and close more deals at work.