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Botox Cosmetic® Treatments

Botox Cosmetic Treatment Wave Skin Care

Botox Cosmetic® Treatments

Wrinkle, Facial Lines and Excessive Underarm Sweating Treatment

At Wave Skin Care, we have been treating women and men who wanted to look more relaxed and youthful with Botox Cosmetic® for many years. The success of this procedure is due to its high safety record, convenience with no downtime, and natural results when properly administered. Although the effects of Botox® are temporary lasting 3-4 months on average, it is a beauty routine that has produced documented anti-aging effects when used over time.

For more information and to find out which BOTOX® treatment is suitable for you, please call (604) 576-8819 to book a consultation.

Botox Cosmetic
Botox Cosmetic Underarm Sweating Treatment

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