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Correct Latisse Use for Successful Lash Growth

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Correct Latisse Use for Successful Lash Growth

Correct Latisse Use for Successful Lash Growth:

  1. Take photos of your eyelashes/full face before beginning treatment. Take follow up photos every 4 weeks to monitor results. Generally, changes in lash growth can be seen after 8 weeks with full effects should be visible by week 16.
  2. Remove contact lenses if you wear them.
  3. Ensure the surface where Latisse will be applied, is free from makeup and skincare products.
  4. Apply Latisse to the cleaned surface every night.
  5. If you forget to apply Latisse one night, do not double the dose next night.
  6. Apply Latisse using the sterile applicators only that are supplied in the kit and nothing else.
  7. Apply Latisse only to the base of the upper eyelashes and not to the lower.

Enjoy your soon to be thick, long lashes.

If you have any questions about Latisse eyelash treatments or to pick up your Latisse kit, you can call us at Wave Skin Care at 604-576-8819.

Correct Latisse Use Successful Lash Growth