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Facial Volume Loss & What Can Be Done

Facial Volume Loss

Facial Volume Loss & What Can Be Done

Volume loss on the face leads to lines/ folds in the skin, prominent wrinkles and hollowing of the eye sockets.

Causes Of Facial Volume Loss

Unavoidable Causes:

Aging – age-related loss of collagen/fat/hydration and skin stretching.

Avoidable Causes:

Too much sun  – leads to collagen loss causing changes in the skin elasticity and condition.
Sun exposure accelerates the aging process.

Solution: avoid prolonged sun exposure and always wear sunscreen.

Cyclic weight gain and loss –  can stretch the ligaments in the face affecting the natural elasticity. Excessive exercise will also reduce the fat layers beneath the skin.

Solution:  focus on diet and exercise to maintain a healthy weight.

Bone mass loss – loss of estrogen during menopause affects the body in many ways such as decreasing levels of calcium in the bones.  This bone mass loss can lead to a loss of volume in the face. As well, loss of estrogen can directly lead to facial volume loss.

Solution: Calcium supplements and regular exercise

Poor Diet/Dehydration – a balanced diet to maintain the collagen levels and the skin’s integrity as well as bone health which provide support to the face. Main hydration for collagen levels.

Smoking – In addition to many health effects, smoking leads to facial volume loss and premature aging of the skin causing wrinkles.

Solution: discuss options on quitting smoking with your doctor

Facial volume loss with aging is inevitable.  We now have nonsurgical solutions both for prevention and treatment to help in maintaining/rejuvenating the face. At Wave Skin Care, we use a number of Juvederm injectables to maintain/restore the volume lost on the face regardless of the age in numbers. We offer complimentary consultations for personalized treatment plans to give you great, natural results. Please call us at 604-576-8819 to schedule an appointment.