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Lip Enhancement with Fillers

Lip Enhancement Fillers

Lip Enhancement with Fillers

Concerned about the size of your lips?

As women age, lip size commonly reduces due to a variety of factors such as changes to teeth or dentures and loss of collagen and fat in the lips. This often results in a thin lip, particularly the upper lip. Vertical lip lines will often extend onto the lip which results in a loss of definition of the lip border and creates problems with lipstick “bleeding” up the lines.

The use of Lip Fillers to Restore Lip Size

By restoring lip size with dermal fillers, correcting the vertical lines and redefining the lip border the integrity of the lip is restored and this recreates a much more youthful expression and restores vitality to the area. It is important in older women that the oral commissures (lines from the corners of the lips to the outside of the chin) which often cause a sad expression are corrected at the same time. We do this by placing dermal filler under the folds which reduces the shadowing thus restoring a neutral expression to the mouth. Dermal fillers can also be combined with Botulinum toxin injections to relax muscles around the mouth, softening vertical lines and assisting the corners of the mouth to lift.

What to Expect During Lip Enhancement

The dermal fillers are injected around the edge of the lips to define the border of the lips more clearly. Fillers can also be injected into the body of the lips to increase their size. Lip shape can be altered if desired creating, for example, more of a central pout by placing more filler in the clinic of the lips. Most women however just want to accentuate their own natural shape. The size of the lips can be varied from a modest increase through to large, luscious lips depending on the product and volume used. Rest assured we talk to you at length to find out exactly what size and shape you want before we proceed with treatment.

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Young Female Face Front Before Medical Aesthetics


Young Female Face Front After Medical Aesthetics


Female Face Front Before Medical Aesthetics


Female Face Front After Medical Aesthetics

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