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Our Approach

Society sometimes makes us feel ashamed to talk about our aesthetic concerns. But rest assured, at Wave Skin Care, after 17 years, there is very little we have not seen before, or heard from our patients.

When you contact us over the phone initially, you’ll probably notice the team at Wave Skin Care ask a lot of questions. In fact, you might end up on the phone with one of our client care team members for 10 to 20 minutes. We do this because we know how overwhelming the medical aesthetics industry can be, and how big of a decision this might be for you. Please do not hesitate to ask us anything.

When you come in to meet with one of our expert consultants, you can feel free to be as open as you would like to be. While you might be initially embarrassed to share something, you do not need to be concerned. In fact, most patients end up being relieved to discover that what they were embarrassed to discuss usually ends up being something many other patients have also experienced and been concerned about.

Our goal at Wave Skin Care is to ensure that you receive the right treatment to help you achieve the most natural looking results possible, and to make sure you are beyond happy with the experience. It’s for this reason that we spend so much time trying to understand your medical aesthetic goals.

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