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Men and Coolsculpting

Measuring Man’s Waistline

Men and Coolsculpting

Top Requests:

Beer Bellies & Love Handles

If you are self-conscious about your stomach or waistline then now is the perfect time to treat these areas with Coolsculpting so you are summer-ready. CoolSculpting is an FDA approved treatment to permanently remove stubborn pockets of fat.  The most common requests we see at Wave Skin Care by men are treating beer bellies and love handles that just won’t respond to healthy diets and exercise routines.

CoolSculpting is a safe and effective treatment to help you improve the profile of your stomach and waistline.  Coolsculpting allows you to resume your regular routine after your treatment as it is a noninvasive method to make permanent improvements.

Double Chin

Coolsculpting is a safe and effective way to improve your side profile and overall appearance by eliminating the double chin.  A double chin can give the appearance of an older age to the face than the true age number.  It is common to have fat accumulate under the chin area and Coolsculpting is a very effective treatment to permanently remove fat cells in the area.

Advantages of Coolsculpting treatments: 

  1. No downtime after treatment
  2. No special post-treatment precautions
  3. No injections
  4. No preparations for the treatment

As fat loss will occur gradually over weeks to months, Coolsculpting provides very natural-looking results to improve your appearance and self-confidence.

You can call Wave Skin Care at 604-576-8819 for further information or visit the Coolsculpting section on our website to see if you are a candidate to permanently remove stubborn fat.