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Support Cancer Research

Aeson Story Cancer Research Support

Support Cancer Research

April is Daffodil Month

Cancer changes everything. So can we.

Meet Aeson

All types of cancer start in our cells. Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells grouped together to form tissues and organs such as muscles, bones, the lungs, and the liver. Genes inside each cell tell it when to grow, work, divide and die. Normally, our cells follow these instructions and we stay healthy. But sometimes the instructions get mixed up, causing our cells to grow and divide out of control or not die when they should. As more and more of these abnormal cells grow and divide, they can form a lump in the body called a tumor.

One day, research will help put an end to cancer.

Help support cancer research in any way that is close to your heart or you can help by supporting the Southridge Relay for Life (Click Here) – where kids are raising funds for Paediatric Cancers research.

During the month of April, 10% of all product sales at Wave Skin Care are being donated to Paediatric Cancer Research through Southridge School’s Relay for Life.

Give courageously. Donate generously.

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