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Top 5 Dermal Filler Myths & Facts

Myths About Fillers Wave Skin Care

Top 5 Dermal Filler Myths & Facts

1. Dermal Fillers Result in the “Fake face”

Yes, it is absolutely true that both overuse and incorrect use of Dermal Fillers can lead to undesirable effects. However, an experienced and skilled physician will not allow this to happen. The use of fillers for natural results requires both the skill and the art to be great strengths of the injector. When injected correctly and strategically, dermal fillers will give you natural, subtle improvements and corrections. For results that are desirable and natural, always seek out an injector with the medical knowledge and the experience in working with dermal fillers.

2. Everyone Will Know I’ve Had Dermal Fillers

The secret to great natural results is to seek out an experienced and skilled physician. Again, when it comes to “improving and correcting” facial areas, the art and the skill must be great strengths of the injector. This ensures that the amount injected, the area injected, the method of injection and the type of injecting device used will give you the desired natural results. The consultation process is the key to ensure that the best treatment plan is developed to give you natural results. Therefore, the background and the expertise of the consultant and injector are crucial for best results.

3. Dermal Fillers Are Painful

Dermal Fillers are administered by injection and therefore, slight discomfort can be experienced. The words often used by patients are “pressure” and “odd sensation” around the lip area. Slight redness, bruising and tenderness are possible which resolve within a short period of time. Dermal filler treatments result in zero downtime allowing you to return to regular routines.

4. Dermal Fillers Are Permanent

Juvederm dermal fillers will typically last between 12-24 months depending on a few factors including the type of filler used and the area injected which should be discussed during the consultation. The fact that dermal filler treatments are not permanent is one of the reasons many patients are choosing them. With the aging face, changes can be corrected and improved with dermal fillers for continued age-appropriate results.

5. Botox is a Type of Dermal Filler


Botox is used to relax the muscles and thereby reduce the formation of wrinkles and lines that are caused by age or by laughing, frowning and other facial expressions. Dermal Fillers, on the other hand, actually work to fill the pre-existing lines and folds. Juvederm fillers add volume to areas where it has been lost. As well, dermal fillers attract water leading to improved hydration of the skin encourage the natural renewal of collagen. As the two products work differently, they are often used in combination to produce great natural results.

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