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Under Eye Treatments

Under Eye Filler Treatment

Under Eye Treatments

The tear trough or under eye area can be prominent at any age and only increases with age. This can lead to a tired appearance due to under eye hollowness and dark circles. Even further, under eye bags can be exposed due the hollowing effect. Whether the cause is genetic or age related volume loss, fillers can produce great results in correcting and improving the under eye hollowness and bags. As a result, it is a popular treatment with all age groups in both men and women. Non-surgical tear trough treatments with fillers produce a fresher and rejuvenated appearance by restoring volume loss in the area. Due to the sensitive area being treated, the experience/skills/technique of the injector are very important for great natural results. Below are some natural, subtle results on our clients injected by Dr. Sanghe.

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Under Eye Fillers Dr Sanghe
Under Eye Fillers Wave Skin Care Surrey
Under Eye Fillers Treatment Woman 2
Under Eye Fillers Treatment Woman