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Your experience at Wave Skin Care will be like no other! Our goal is to spend the time to understand your unique needs and concerns, and create a customized treatment plan that will help resolve your specific needs and concerns, providing you with incredible natural looking results.

Second Chance at Happiness Story Feature

A Second Chance at Life and Happiness

Bobbie, Age 35. If you were given a second chance at life, how would you live yours differently? Bobbie Grewal survived a deadly car crash a few years ago. Her lengthy recovery wasn’t just for her body but also for her mind.

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When Life Inspires Art Story Feature

When Life Inspires Art

Zoe, Age 45. Ageing is inevitable. Have you noticed that as you age, the loss of facial volume makes your face look like it has wilted away? Working with Dr. Sanghe has helped her feel better about herself, regain her self-esteem, and boosted her confidence.

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Looking Young Feature Story

Looking as Young as You Feel Is an Achievable Goal

Tania, Age 52. Achieving a more youthful appearance was something that Tania struggled to achieve on her own, which is what led her to begin working with Wave Skin Care. She knew that she wasn’t getting any younger and wanted to take action.

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Our Approach

At Wave Skin Care our priority is helping you feel at ease.

For most people, the first time they come to a medical aesthetic clinic can be a daunting experience. At Wave Skin Care, we understand that this is a big decision for you, which is why our team will spend the necessary time to understand your concerns. If you are worried about how you might look after a treatment, especially after seeing bad treatments in the media or even in person, or are concerned about the potential risks, or the costs, our expert team will educate you, and explain the potential solutions we can provide to resolve all of your concerns.

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Get Amazing Natural Looking Results

Facial fillers, like JUVÉDERM®, were created so they could be placed in specific locations and layers of the face in order to counteract some of the changes that happen as we age. Learn how the Wave Skin Care team can help you achieve amazing natural looking results!

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