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Looking as Young as You Feel Is an Achievable Goal

Tania, Age 52

Have you ever looked in the mirror and not recognized yourself? That the tired and old person looking back at you doesn’t correlate to the youthful and full of life person you feel like inside? You are not alone. Imagine looking as beautiful and happy on the outside as you feel on the inside. It’s possible, and Tania is proof of that.

At the age of 52, Tania feels and looks like she is 39. Born and raised in Winnipeg, Tania moved to British Columbia 23 years ago to further her career in the travel industry. Here is where her passion for a healthy and active lifestyle continued to thrive, something she was able to share and pass along to her two daughters. All of which has enabled the three of them to create an incredible close-knit bond.

Travel evokes a childlike wonder within, and Tania is fulfilled when exploring the world and learning about new cultures, history and food. Her life at home in British Columbia is spent outside hiking, snowshoeing, cycling and kayaking. She has a passion for photography and spending quality time with her daughters and granddaughter.

Achieving a more youthful appearance was something that Tania struggled to achieve on her own, which is what led her to begin working with Wave Skin Care. She knew that she wasn’t getting any younger and wanted to take action. Tania’s relationship with the team at Wave Skin Care began just over a year ago when she and her daughter came to an appointment together. Her daughter had been going to Wave Skin Care, and her experience inspired Tania to connect with them.

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Trust Was Created

Coming from a long line of people with powerful eyebrow muscles, this facial feature had impacted various parts of her life. Over the past few years, frown lines developed, which Tania felt caused her to look both tired and angry. Her reflection in the mirror didn’t show her what she felt on the inside – which was happy, healthy and energized. The reflection showed her someone who looked unhappy and drained, and because this wasn’t how she felt, she decided it was time to take action.

Tania had some familiarity with the medical aesthetics industry, but when she heard about her daughter’s experience at Wave Skin Care, she knew this was the clinic she wanted to speak to.

What really surprised Tania when she met with Dr. Sanghe at Wave Skin Care was that he spent an hour with her to better understand what was bothering her. He listened to Tania’s concerns, spent time helping Tania understand what was causing those issues, and then provided suggestions around the various treatment options that could address Tania’s concern. At no point did Tania feel rushed or pressured by Dr. Sanghe, and together, they created a customized treatment plan that would address Tania’s concerns in a time frame she was comfortable with.

From some of her previous experiences at other medical aesthetic clinics, Tania initially had some apprehension around how she might look if she underwent treatment. Ultimately, she didn’t want to really change anything about her face, she just wanted a natural-looking outcome that would make her look less angry, less tired, and better reflect the person she was on the inside; happy and energetic! Wave Skin Care educated Tania about how the products they used could help replenish the fullness she’d lost in her face, and helped ease her concerns by showing before and after pictures of the results of patients who had similar concerns that she had. Tania couldn’t believe how natural-looking the results were for those patients. This is when Tania knew for sure that Wave Skin Care was the right place to be!

A Boost In Confidence

“When you feel good, and you look good, it’s a recipe for success. That confidence shows outwardly. When you are happy smiling and confident, you attract that same thing back into your world.”

A few days after treating the muscles between her eyebrows that were contributing to her angry appearance, not only had the muscle softened, and her angry scowl lines started to diminish, but it also ended up helping her with her eye strain. She spends a lot of time on a computer each day, and she found this has also helped with her tired and strained eyes.

Following her treatment at Wave Skin Care, Tania felt like a refreshed version of herself. Now, when she sees herself in the mirror, the reflection looking back at her accurately matches how she feels inside. What she loved the most was hearing from friends how relaxed and happy she looked.

Enhance Who You Are

Tania is a private person and didn’t initially want to share with the outside world that she was getting treated at Wave Skin Care. After all, getting medical aesthetic treatments is a personal choice. But since then, she’s realized that sharing her story, might inspire others who are hesitant, to at least be open to reaching out and exploring what options might be available to them.

“I believe there is nothing wrong with wanting to look and feel your best, and if you have an option to do a refresh tweak, why the heck not?” advised Tania.

People often think that she is the mother of her five-year-old grandchild, and when people find out that she is a grandmother, she gets a lot of double-takes.

“It’s not about not wanting to get old. Ageing is a beautiful process. There is nothing wrong with wanting to feel beautiful and enhance what you have. If it’s going to make you feel better, go for it. Everyone has a personal choice. Weigh the pros and cons – make the best choice for yourself,” Tania shared.

If you are thinking of getting a medical aesthetic treatment that provides incredible natural-looking outcomes, Tania’s advice is:

  • Do some research – get the correct information.
  • Go to Wave Skin Care and see Dr. Sanghe.
  • Get a great consultation, which will ensure you get the best treatment and results.
  • Only start when you are ready.
  • Make sure you continue taking care of your skin.

From the Outside In

Skin care is an essential factor in helping one look and feel their best. The Wave Skin Care team shared skin care information and provided various options that would best help Tania with her specific skin care needs. Along with drinking a lot of water and maintaining a healthy diet, Tania uses medical-grade skin care products, which help her to continue to have great skin. She loves her SkinCeuticals and SkinMedica Retinol, and they are her bedtime go-to skin care products.

Also, a part of her skin care regime is the SkinMedica TNS Eye Cream, Total Defence tinted SPF moisturizing lotion and Vitamin C serum.