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Alana, Age: 29

 Like most young professionals, Alana has been hyper-focused on her career, her family, her relationship, and her studies. A dental hygienist by trade, Alana has just successfully attained her realtor’s license and is excited to chart a brand, new career path. In her spare time, she’s focused on her fitness and stays active by practising yoga and being outdoors is always her happy place. An avid animal lover, Alana also walks the neighbourhood dogs which combines her love of pups and nature.

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Investing in Herself

Needless-to-say Alana lives an active and busy lifestyle. She has a big milestone coming up as she’s turning the big 3-0 soon. Lately she’s been thinking a lot about anti-aging treatments and prevention. Recently, Alana started noticing the early signs of aging with fine lines, age spots, and asymmetry appearing in her face. She wants to take a more proactive approach to prevent the signs of aging now. Alana started researching various medical atheistic clinics in her area and exploring the various treatment options that might be right for her.


Achieving Her Skin Care Goals

Alana came across Wave Skin Care and decided to meet with Dr. Sanghe and the Wave team to express her skin care goals. She trusted Wave because of the positive word of mouth she had heard from friends who had been coming to the clinic for years and Wave’s great client reviews. Alana’s goals included having a smooth and even complexion and focusing on preventative measures to keep her skin hydrated and glowing. She decided to start out with a Contour Facial which focuses lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness of the face. The result was a more radiant, hydrated, and contoured look and the facial also provided Alana with some much-needed relaxation time.

Next, based on her consultation with Dr. Sanghe, Alana decided to proceed with her personal treatment plan. Since Alana is young, healthy, and already took good care of her skin, her procedures were fairly minimal at this time. The treatments helped address and the fine lines around her eyes and resulted in a more ‘lifted’ and well-rested look which she was happy with.


Putting Her Best Face Forward

“Wave has enabled me to maintain my healthy and natural appearance to ensure that I look and feel like my best self!” – Alana

Now, Alana feels like she’s putting her best face forward at this pivotal stage in her life. She says, “Not only am I turning 30, but I’m also starting out a brand-new career and industry where I am the face of my business and my brand. Wave has enabled me to maintain my healthy and natural appearance to ensure that I look and feel like my best self! It’s an exciting time for me.” The future certainly looks bright for Alana.



A complete list of Alana’s Treatments include: